Losing points for two weeks, Kara Kartal passed Kayseri 3-1 and secured its leadership.

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Losing points for two weeks, Black and Whites clinched their leadership by 3-1 at home over Kayserispor. Sergen Yalçın, who played N’Koudou at the extreme in the absence of a striker, did not regret this decision and made his player smile with 2 goals. Black-and-Whites increased the difference to 5 again, with Galatasaray beating Fenerbahçe and Antalya in a missing game.

Leader Besiktas, Super LeagueHes Kablo will host Kayserispor in the 37th week. Only 2 wins in the last 6 weeks Sergen Yalçın‘s students defeated Kayserispor in the match where they were missing and kept their place at the top. In this important match in Beşiktaş, Aboubakar, Larin, Atiba could not play.


Beşiktaş has only won 2 victories in the last 6 weeks. In the 31st week of the league, the black and white team drew 1-1 with Fenerbahçe at home, and lost 1-0 to Kasımpaşa the next week. Beşiktaş, who defeated Aytemiz Alanyaspor 3-0 in the field in the 33rd week and maintained the difference of 4 points with Fenerbahçe by establishing a 4-2 advantage over Büyükşehir Belediye Erzurumspor on the road, lost critical points in the last 2 weeks. Kartal drew 2-2 against MKE Ankaragücü at home in the 35th week, and finally drew with Demir Grup Sivasspor with 0-0.


Beşiktaş is experiencing great difficulties in the striker line during the critical weeks. Cenk Tosun and Vincent Aboubakar, the centerforcers of the black and white team, could not take part due to their injuries. Larin was also injured in the last Sivas match. Aboubakar, who was injured while he was in the Cameroon National Team camp, was injured again, even though he took part in Demir Grup Sivaspor after 4 matches.

Here are the Top 11s:

Beşiktaş: Ersin, Rosier, Vida, Montero, N’Sakala, Necip, Josef, Ljajic, Ghezzal, Gökhan, N’Koudou

Kayserispor: Doğan, Aziz Behich, Kolovetsios, Mario Paz, Kvrzic, Attamah, Muhar, Henrique, Lennon, Alibec, İlhan Parlak


75’N’Koudou met the ball on the left wing. He approached the pedestrian with the feint and hit him. The ball went from hand to hand in a different way.

65’Ghezzal increased the number of assists in the league to 15.

In the middle of 64’GOL Ghezzal to the back post, N’Koudou touched the ball in proper condition and sent the ball to the nets.

In 61’Kayserispor, Melih Okutan joined the game instead of Alibec.

The 60’N’Koudou penalty area was right on the stream and hit it. The ball went auta from the top in a different way.

Ramazan welcomed the ball in the middle of 59’Ghezzal from the right cross towards the back pole.

45’Kvrzic was replaced by Ramazan Civelek.

45’The second half started.

45 ‘The first half ended with Beşiktaş’s 2-1 advantage.

AT 45 DANGER! Lennon was thrown into the penalty area with feuds. He cut a hard ball into the goal area from the left of the penalty area. N’Sakala cleared the ball in two moves.

41’Beşiktaş has a 64 percent advantage over the ball, 36 percent.

N’Koudou, who met the ball with the pass of 40’Ghezzal, was inserted into the penalty area from the left diagonal. He wanted to bring Ljajic to the ball. But the defense did not pass.

38’OFSAYT! Gokhan, who moved to the ball thrown behind the defense, was inserted into the penalty area from the right cross. He made the kick right to the bottom of the close post. The ball went out from the side. The offside flag is also in the air for the position where Gökhan meets the ball.

In the free kick that Ghezzal used towards the penalty area, Henrique took the ball away.

OUTSIDE WITH LESS THAN 18 DIFFERENCES! Josef struck head in a corner kick from Ghezzal’s right wing. The ball went slightly from the top to the outside.

17 DANGER! Gökhan Töre got into the penalty area and hit him. The ball bouncing off the defense went outside with a small margin.

13’N’Koudou scored his 5th goal in the Super League this season.

Meeting with the ball to the left of the penalty area with 12’GOL Ljajic’s pass, N’Koudou hit the far corner from the ground properly and sent the ball to the nets.

5’Henrique scored his 7th goal in the Super League this season.

5’GOL In the middle, made from the left wing, Henrique made a stylish kick to his arrival and sent the ball to the net from the corner.

4’Ghezzal experienced GOL joy for the 4th time in the Super League this season.

3’GOL Ghezzal took the penalty shot and sent the ball into the net by tilting the goalkeeper into the opposite corner.

1 ‘PENALTY! Adem Ljajic stayed on the ground in the penalty area in the bilateral fight with his opponent and the referee of the match, Cüneyt Çakır, showed the white point.

BC The first whistle of the match and the match started.

Losing points for two weeks, Kara Kartal passed Kayseri 3-1 and secured its leadership.

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