Last Minute: Gaziantep FK parted ways with coach Marius Sumudica

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Super League teams Gaziantep FK, coach He parted ways with Marius Sumudica.

In the statement made by Gaziantep FK, “Our paths with Marius Sumudica, who has been the coach of our Gaziantep Football Club for about 1.5 seasons, have been mutually agreed. statements were included.

Sumudica, who targeted the administration after the Demir Grup Sivasspor match, criticized that the club did not give him a new contract and stated that he would not accept the discount requested from him.

Here are Sumudica’s statements after the match;

We played a good league. There is a lot of talk about me on social media. It is said that I am running after the money. I want you to know Turkey, this is not real. If I were after money, I would be the coach of another team right now. I was told that while everyone should concentrate on the match before the match, my club offered me a new contract with a better price, but that’s not true.


We had a meeting yesterday with the president. He asked for a 10% discount on my salary. I cannot accept this. I distributed 80 thousand euro premiums to my players from my pocket. I gladly gave this. “You give it to the players but why not for the club?” said. It is difficult for us to continue this way. I did not respond to their offer.


Then they came to my room and offered 80 thousand euros more, they asked me to divide this 80 thousand euros into 8 people. My salary is 600 thousand euros. I do not understand such an offer to a successful teacher. I want to continue to work in Turkey and I love this country. I will stay until the end of the season. It’s hard for me to work with people who don’t respect me. Because they don’t respect me.


My actions are obvious, is the team relegated and they want my salary to be reduced by 10%? Is this the reward for what I’ve done? If you receive a salary discount offer, would you accept it? I accept this offer made to me as an insult.


Sumudica stated that his statements that he would ask for money from his wife in order to support the club was a widely used joke in his country and stated that he wanted to complete his current contract and was open to contract negotiations.

In his written statement, Sumudica stated that he has always had a great bond with the Gaziantep family and that his contract has 4 months to expire.

Expressing his regret about the recent events, Sumudica said:

“I want to touch on an important issue that is not related to football but for me. In my statements, I would call my wife and ask her to send money, there was a lot of talk, it caused controversy. This situation upset our fans and all our lovers. I also hope that he understands that there is nothing else. In this sense, I also quickly realized that it was a joke against me when I was told that the bonuses I paid would be better channeled to the club’s vault. In fact, here we see that there are two different jokes. If we come back to football-related issues, my official position is as follows: I have 4 months that I want to complete my current contract and I am open to contract negotiations. “

Last Minute: Gaziantep FK parted ways with coach Marius Sumudica

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