Last minute: Fatih Terim paid his debt to Bartuğ in the Galatasaray – Göztepe match! GS sports news

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Bartuğ Elmaz, 17-year-old football player of Galatasaray, wore the yellow-red jersey for the first time with the Göztepe match. Bartuğ came aside to enter the game in the last minutes of the Darica Gençlerbirliği match, but the fight was over.

Bartuğ Elmaz, 17-year-old football player of Galatasaray, experienced his first excitement against Göztepe with his A team jersey.

Bartuğ, who started the match in the reserves, was 90 + 3. He replaced Emre Kılınç in minutes. The young footballer came aside in the last moments of the Darica Gençlerbirliği match but could not enter the game because the match was not stopped.

After the match, Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim, for Bartuğ Elmaz, who could not enter the game., “We have a debt to Bartuğ” he used the expressions.

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