Kayserispor’s top scorer Pedro Henrique – Last minute Kayserispor news

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Hes Kablo Kayserispor, who finished the first half of the Super League in 17th place with 19 points, was able to score 14 goals against rival networks in 20 games he played. The Yellow Red team was the team that scored the least goals in the first half of the league.

In the league where 21 teams competed, Pedro Henrique was the name who scored the most goals against Kayserispor. While the Brazilian name scored 4 goals, Denis Alibec, Wilfried Kanga and Dimitrios Kolovetsios scored 2 goals each. Zoran Kvrzic, İlhan Parlak, Gustavo Campanharo, Arda Kızıldağ (Gençlerbirliği, own goal) scored 1 goal each.

The goals scored for Hes Kablo Kayserispor and their distribution according to the players are as follows:
Pedro Henrique: 4 goals Denis Alibec: 2 goals Wilfried Kanga: 2 goals Dimitrios Kolovetsios: 2 goals İlhan Parlak: 1 goal Zoran Krvzic: 1 goal Gustavo Campanharo: 1 goal Arda Kızıldağ: 1 goal

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