Juventus to use Merih Demiral to trade for Kean transfer

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According to the claim of La Gazzetta dello sport from the Italian press; While Juventus wants to take back Moise Kean, which he sent to Everton in 2019, after the very successful season he spent on loan at PSG, he can send our national star Merih Demiral to Everton at Everton’s request. Everton wants to see Merih Demiral in her squad.

Italian giant Juventus Everton, one of the English Premier League teams, is preparing for a big swap. While Juventus wants to reclaim Moise Kean, which he sent to Everton two seasons ago, the British team is our national star in return for Kean. Merih demiralHe wants to add ‘to his staff.


La Gazzetta dello Sport, detailed on possible transfer newsWhile giving the ini title “Merih Demiral, the key name in the transfer of Moise Kean, whom Juventus wants to take back,” the British press also mentioned that Everton wanted Merih Demiral insistently.


Italian giant Juventus sent Moise Kean to Everton for 27.5 million Euros during the summer transfer period of 2019. Unable to meet the expectations at Everton, Kean was hired to PSG at the beginning of this season, and after his 16-goal performance there, his former team Juventus re-entered. It is stated that the testimonial fee requested for Kean is around 50 million Euros and Juventus can add Kean to his staff by paying 20 million Euros more than the day he sold it.


The decisive point in the transfer is Everton’s request for Merih Demiral to swap within the scope of their search for stoppers. It is stated that Juventus will pay 20 million Euros more when buying Kean back, but will make 32 million Euros profit by using Merih Demiral, which was added to 18 million Euros in a transfer of 50 million Euros, thus obtaining a financial income of 12 million Euros. . However, it is reported that Juventus’s abandonment of Merih Demiral at the moment is similar to his giving up on Kean in time.

Juventus to use Merih Demiral to trade for Kean transfer
Juventus to use Merih Demiral to trade for Kean transfer

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