In the 32nd week of the Super League, Beşiktaş lost 1-0 to Kasımpaşa on the road.

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Beşiktaş, the leader of the Super League, lost 1-0 to Kasımpaşa on the road. Black and whites, who could not benefit from important players such as Aboubakar and Ghezzal in this match, missed the opportunity to increase the point difference in the week 2 Galatasaray lost. Kasimpasa’s goal came from Aytaç Kara in the 19th minute, while Thelin in the 56th minute in the dark blue-white team could not find the goal in the penalty kick. With this result, Beşiktaş maintained its place in the leadership seat with 64 points, while Kasımpaşa increased its score to 34.

In the 32nd week of the Super League Besiktas, away KasimpasaHe was a guest of. In the absence of important footballers Aboubakar and Ghezzal, the black and whites could not take an important corner on the way to the championship and left the field with a 1-0 defeat.


Starting the match effectively, Kasımpaşa went ahead 1-0 with Aytaç Kara’s exquisite goal in the 19th minute. In Beşiktaş, which had clear opportunities with Larin in the first half, the goals missed by the Canadian were head to head. Thelin could not benefit from the penalty kick in the 56th minute.


Beşiktaş also had a great advantage in playing with the ball in the last part of the match. Kasimpasa wanted to hold the ball and attack with Hajradinovic, but Beşiktaş won the balls back by pressing with Josef, Atiba and Oğuzhan in this region. In this episode, after Beşiktaş attacks, Kasımpaşa pulled its 4-way defense into the penalty area and started to use wingers as a full-back. There were no players left in the future except Thelin and Hajradinovic. Beşiktaş, on the other hand, started using Josef and Atiba as an offensive midfielder, and their backs, Rosier and N’Sakala, as open players.


Despite increasing pressure, Beşiktaş had difficulty organizing in and around the penalty area. In the defense of Kasımpaşa, Tosic and Luckassen did not give a chance to hit Cyle Larin in the middle.

While Kasımpaşa won with its new coach Şenol Can for the first time in 5 weeks, Beşiktaş lost 5 points in the last 2 matches.



Minute 9: Hajradinovic moved to the ball, which was sent from the ground behind the Beşiktaş defense, in an empty state, the ball was left in the goalkeeper Ersin when he entered the penalty area.

14 minutes: Meeting with the ball on the left wing, Varga got out of his opponent and folded inwards, the ball came out from the top in a different way in the diagonal kick.

Minutes 18: Aytaç threw a great! Aytaç Kara, who took the ball on the left cross, which Beşiktaş defense could not get away, hit very hard and smoothly towards the far corner from outside the penalty area: 1-0

Minute 26: Kasımpaşa is very close to the second goal. In Varga’s in-depth pass, Haddadi shot from the left diagonal of the penalty area in a suitable condition, but could not catch the frame.

28 minutes: Larin, who intervened after a big mistake made by the Kasımpaşa defense trying to return to the goalkeeper, suddenly faced Ertuğrul, but in his kick, the Kasımpaşa goalkeeper became the owner of the ball.

Minute 37: On the left wing, he hit the middle of Varga in the back post, the arrival of Koomson, the goalkeeper Ersin easily controlled the ball on him.

45 minutes + 1: Atiiba turned the ball he carried from the right wing into the middle. Larin checked on the penalty mark and turned and hit, but could not hit.


Minute 46: Beşiktaş started the second half with pressure ahead.

55 minutes: Thelin, who came to the white point, hit the goalkeeper to the right. Ersin, who guessed the corner correctly, managed to save the penalty. Kasımpaşa could not evaluate the chance to open the difference.

Minute 61: In the free kick used by Gökhan Töre, the ball that grazed Luckassen’s head in the dam went to the corner just above the pole.

In the 32nd week of the Super League, Beşiktaş lost 1-0 to Kasımpaşa on the road.

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