Important 3 points from Kartal on the way to the championship! Beşiktaş defeated Erzurumspor 4-2 on the road

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In the 34th week of the Super Toto Super League, Beşiktaş defeated Erzurumspor 4-2 on the road. Kartal, taking its second win in a row, increased the point difference to 7 with its closest rival Fenerbahçe. Black and whites are the strongest favorites of the championship 8 weeks before the end of the season.

Beşiktaş scored a very critical win by defeating BB Erzurumspor 4-2. The championship march of black and whites, who opened the point difference with their closest rivals Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray at the summit, continues with firm steps.


Beşiktaş went ahead with the goal of Cyle Larin in the 10th minute. In the 16th minute, Leo Schwechlen equalized the score with a header. Oğuzhan Özyakup put Beşiktaş ahead again in the 26th minute with the mistake of goalkeeper Szumski. In the 39th minute, Ersin Destanoğlu made the mistake in the kick of Emrah Başsan and Erzurumspor equalized the score for the second time. Rachid Ghezzal put his team ahead for the third time in Beşiktaş’s 66th minute shot in the second half. Gökhan Töre scored the goal that determined the score of the match in the 86th minute.


After the Golden, Beşiktaş started playing a more cautious game and sought fast attacks. Erzurumspor, on the other hand, started to play by taking more risks. Cenk Tosun remained in place after the double fight with Leo Schwechlen in the 75th minute. Cenk Tosun, who was injured from his knee, was taken aside on a stretcher.



Minute 2: Cenk Tosun, who took the ball in the penalty area with Ghezzal’s deep pass, pulled the ball to the left in the right cross and hit it. The defense took the ball away from the goalkeeper Szumski.

Minute 9: Atiba was put in with the ball he was carrying himself, before entering the penalty area, he took his pass. When Larin hit the first meters of the penalty area with the inside of the foot, the ball went to 90: 0-1

15 minutes: Leo Schwechlen, who moved very well to the front pole in Emrah Başsan’s corner kick from the left wing, sent the ball to the net with the head over Vida: 1-1

17 minutes: Erzurumspor came very effective. El Kabir touched the center of Emrah from the left wing at close range from the front pole, goalkeeper Ersin prevented the goal.

Minute 21: Cenk Tosun, who entered from the right cross with Oğuzhan’s pass, turned the ball auta from the side in the hard shot of the diagonal.

25 minutes: Oğuzhan Özyakup, who was doing a wall pass with Rachid Ghezzal, hit the bottom right corner from the ground. Goalkeeper Szumski missed the ball from his hands and saw the ball in his net with a big mistake at the post: 1-2

38 minutes: Emrah Başsan, who controlled the ball sent by Cenk Ahmet from the right wing, in the middle of the right wing, outside the penalty area of ​​Beşiktaş defense, hit it hard with his left foot, goalkeeper Ersin bounced the ball from his lap with a big mistake and saw it in his networks: 2-2


Minutes 53: Erzurumspor approached the goal. After effective passes, Leo raised the ball to the back post and Aatf hit the ball in an empty state, but the ball came out in a different way.

55 minutes: Ricardo Gomes, who took the ball in the middle of the opponent half, was inserted from the right diagonal, pulled the ball to his left and hit the ball to the goalkeeper Ersin.

65 minutes: Ghezzal scored awesome! Meeting with the ball on the right wing, Rachid Ghezzal crossed the middle and got out of his opponents one by one and shook the nets with a perfect shot from the back of the penalty bow: 2-3

68 minutes: Cenk Ahmet turned the ball to the back in the corner kick used by Erzurumspor from the left wing. In Boumal’s header, Rosier pulled the ball past goalkeeper Ersin.

Important 3 points from Kartal on the way to the championship!  Beşiktaş defeated Erzurumspor 4-2 on the road

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