Hulk’s knockout of his opponent with one move became the agenda in the Brazilian press

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Brazilian teams Atletico MineiroHulk, who was transferred to, showed power with his intervention while showing up in his first match. After playing in China for a long time, the 34-year-old striker, who was also mentioned with Beşiktaş during the intermediate transfer period, made his choice by choosing Atletico Mineiro, one of his country’s teams.

Hulk, who played for the first time with his new team, sat on the agenda of social media after the bilateral fight he entered with Uberlandia midfielder Franco. Known for his strong physique and success in double struggles, Hulk knocked down his opponent who wanted to steal the ball from him with a single move.


This act of the star football player, who told the referee “Shoulder to shoulder” with his body language, caused comments “Hulk is back in Brazilian football”. A user on Twitter said, “Of course, the referee knows he can’t control Hulk’s power. That’s why he didn’t even commit a foul.”

Brazilian footballer, whose real name is Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, but has been nicknamed the Marvel character “Hulk” due to his strong nature, has been pursuing his professional career in Japan, Portugal, Russia and China for 15 years.

Last 5 years of separation after spending the decision of star players in China, especially for Besiktas in Turkey, was also a favorite of several Premier League teams including state Wolves. However, he chose to return to his country Brazil.

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