He said ‘The championships should be accepted’, Galatasaray’s response was very harsh: We invite you to resign immediately.

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Yellow-red club published a striking statement for Galatasaray High School Director Vahdettin Engin, who made a statement about the championships before 1959 in a sports program he attended yesterday. In the statement made by the club, “We invite Galatasaray High School Manager Vahdettin Engin to resign immediately,” expressing his opinion that the so-called championship request of the opponent team will be accepted.

Making a statement about the championships before 1959 Galatasaray Galatasaray Sports Club, which published a statement for Vahdettin Engin, the Director of High School, on its official website, invited Engin to resign.

The full statement from the yellow-red club is as follows:


“Unfortunately, time justified us again!

Galatasaray High School Principal VAHDETTİN Engin had to make a statement on a television show yesterday evening, after saying ‘about the championships before 1959’.

Our management, against the appointment of VAHDETTİN Engin as Galatasaray High School Manager, on September 7, 2019, “… The appointment of a rival team supporter to our Galatasaray High School as a manager has deeply injured our community. Sport It is unacceptable that the Club is a natural member of the Board of Directors, albeit symbolically. We expect this appointment, which is against our traditions, to be corrected in accordance with the expectations of our community. “

With his statements last night, it has been revealed how justified our objection to this person, whom we objected to his appointment.

We invite Galatasaray High School Manager VAHDETTİN Engin to resign immediately, expressing his opinion that the opponent’s so-called championship claim will be accepted.

National League status before 1959 (62 years); rule base, not to go and fall, such as evaluating the continuity and regularity of the championship tournament in Turkey League championship is absolutely contrary to the true history of both the law!

We respectfully present to the public. “

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