Gökhan Gönül, Caner Erkin and Ozan Tufan gathered the team in Fenerbahçe where things were not going well! Unity message given

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Fenerbahce footballers, who were criticized for bad football despite being partners in the summit race, came together under the leadership of Gökhan Gönül, Caner Erkin and Ozan Tufan. Expressing that success will come by working and believing all together, the players agreed that they should fight.

Defeated Göztepe in Kadıköy in the 26th week of the Super Toto Super League FenerbahceManagement, technical staff and some footballers were criticized. Caner ErkinIt was also claimed that ‘broke the balance within the team. Following these developments, before the Trabzonspor match to be played on Sunday Gokhan Gonul, Caner Erkin and Ozan TufanThe team came together under the leadership of.

They reached a consensus of vision

Morning’s newsaccording to After the meetings held with the team by President Ali Koç and Sportive Director Emre Belözoğlu in Fenerbahçe, the players had interviews. Fenerbahce players, ‘Success does not come by leaving the bill to one person. There is a very important opportunity to turn the picture into a positive one. The teacher cannot do this alone ‘reached a consensus. A meeting was held as a full staff, from injured to sick. It was agreed that the responsibility for 2 defeats in the last 3 league matches cannot be attributed to either the coach or anyone else.


While the experienced names of the team such as Ozan, Gökhan and Caner stated that it is the easiest way to blame others in such processes, “But success does not come like this. Success comes with undertaking the bill together, even if there is a negative picture. Now everyone criticizes our teacher. The teacher alone cannot change this picture. It was learned that they said, “We need to work harder.”


While the players pointed out that the positive atmosphere captured by the winning streak that started at the end of December was dispersed in 3 matches, “We also had many unlucky things in this process. However, there is an important opportunity ahead of us. By winning at Trabzonspor away, we can put forward a positive picture that will last until the end of the league. But first everyone must believe in this. They spoke in the form.

Gökhan Gönül, Caner Erkin and Ozan Tufan gathered the team in Fenerbahçe where things were not going well!  Unity message given

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