Galatasaray’s Nigerian star Henry Onyekuru’s mother dies

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It was announced that Jessy Onyekuru, mother of Yellow-Kırmızılılar’s important footballer Henry Onyekuru, died. The bad news was shared from the official accounts of the Yellow-Red club. Fans of arch-rivals also sent messages that they shared the pain of Henry Onyekuru, who lost his mother.

Henry Onyekuru was destroyed by maternal pain. GalatasarayNigerian wing striker, one of the most valuable footballers of Turkey, is today the death of his mother Jessy Onyekuru. newstook his lair. Our condolences were also offered to Onyekuru from the Yellow-Red club. The following statement was made on the official website of Galatasaray: We have learned with great sadness that our footballer Henry Onyekuru’s valuable mother, Jessy Onyekuru, died. Onyekuru shares the pain of his family and wishes his patience and condolences.

Here is the statement from the official account:

Galatasaray's Nigerian star Henry Onyekuru's mother dies
Galatasaray's Nigerian star Henry Onyekuru's mother dies

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