Galatasaray overtakes the world giants! Statistics that draw attention | Breaking news

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Fatih Terim made a statement after the 4-0 victory of Rizespor, “There was a Galatasaray reflecting the offensive football model of the elite teams in the world on the field.”

However, not only Rize, but also the statistics of the Kayserispor match, which ended 1-1 last week, the yellow-reds exceeded the expectations of Terim and the community.

Figures of Galatasaray’s leading teams in Europe:

Averaged 24 shots in the last 2 games. Napoli is the best in Europe with 19 shots.

Playing with 62 percent of the ball in the last 2 games. Best in Europe Dortmund 60.7 percent

In the last 2 games, the man was overtaken with an average of 18.5. Best in Europe (15.3) Fulham.

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