Flash suggestion for Besiktas Adem Ljajic! Talk to his father | last minute bjk news

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The Adem Ljajic crisis in Beşiktaş is endless. . Serbian football player, who was excluded from the squad due to his reluctant attitude after his injury, also peaked with his nightlife performance.

A Sports commentator Serdar Sarıdağ used flash statements about the black and white football player Adem Ljajic, who was the focus of criticism in the Artı Futbol program.

Sardag, “I’m telling the Beşiktaş administration, the most important reason for Adem Ljajic to come to Beşiktaş is his father. Let the black and white management talk to Ljajic’s father. Let him say,” Your son does these things. “Because Ljajic’s father was very influential in coming to Beşiktaş. used the expressions.

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