Flash criticism from master writer Hıncal Uluç to Okan Buruk! Fatih Terim…

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Not Başakşehir, Okan! .. Başakşehir is not exaggerating, Manchester and Paris St. Looking at Germain’s conditions, he was the last in a group where he could come first, just like the National Team. Just like the relegated National Team, he was the first to continue in the Champions League, he could not even stay in the Europa League to be the last and returned to his mother’s league.

… And the responsible of this defeat was Okan Hoca in Başak, just like Şenol Hodja in the National Team .. Just as Şenol was indecisive and confused, Okan Hoca was in the same flaws. He still could not make a stable skeleton from that large staff. Because he could not read and then analyze the matches he played, he was neither able to set an 11 nor set the tactic that would be effective.

Just like Şenol Hoca, he started the matches cowardly and he could think of attack after the job was too late and he had nothing to lose. Look at the 11 who took the pitch in the first half and the football he played. It is a defensive 11 from start to finish. A game that leaves the ball to the opponent, retreats to its own half, guaranteed, that is, it plays with passes to the side and back, and attacks with only one-sided crab football .. In other words, the ugly football that Fatih Hodja gave to our football ..

… Fatih Hodja also gave up on football and his love for foreigners and played his best football since last week, Galatasaray … I hope he will take care of eleven mainly Turkish people, and especially in Belhan, he will sit on the sidelines again.

How can Okan Buruk trust Mert, who is not the only correct match this season, who misses almost every shot and makes assists to the opponent instead of a blockage.

The team that he took over was playing a great offensive football that destroyed the opponent with their double attacks of the right and left, fullback man. He ended the left by selling both Clichy and Elia. Caiçara / Visca duo left on the right.

He said, “We were good in the second half. Who has Kabahat, Okan ?. Was there only one left wing attack in 11 in the first half? Did Rafael and Visca make a single wing attack on the right ?. When the duo on the right and Deniz / Chadli on the left began to make lethal attacks, when the midfield real leader Mahmut Tekdemir was reunited, Leipzig was in shambles. You turned the match from 3-1, you were in a position to go to 4-3, but Mert, who ate those who came and went, watched another dirty shot.

With 11 and football in the second half, if you stepped forward, you would throw half a dozen at the opponent and win again, despite the goal that Mert left empty.

Başakşehir does not lose this year, Okan Hodja .. You are defeated .. What you want to prove to whom, just like Fatih teacher, you are defeated out of his stubbornness!

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