Fenerbahçe words from Sivas Belediyespor President Hakan Genç! We will win the match and come

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Misli.co 2. League team Sivas Belediyespor’da President Hakan Genç, descriptions found .. President Young, said Turkey Cup 4th Qualifying Round, Fenerbahce and they want to skip the tour win this match they will play their matches and tomorrow.


Young, saying they were going to skip the game round, “We are delighted Due to our rivals Fenerbahce in Turkey Cup. From our perspective will be an important match. Fenerbahce of Turkey’s most important one of the clubs. Both in Turkey and in Europe in Turkey ‘ We did not come to the cup by chance. I trust our team, our coaches and our management. We are united and focused on the Fenerbahçe match. We will play to defeat Fenerbahçe in the cup and we will fight for it. We will give a gift. We will set out with this belief, “he said.

“WE WANT TO RETURN TO SIVAS BY Skip a Tour at the Cup”

Reminding that Sivas Belediyespor beat Beşiktaş, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor in the cup in the past seasons, Genç said, “When you look at the past history of Sivas Belediyespor, it played with Galatasaray, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor. They have both win and defeat against these teams. Sivas Belediyespor is an ordinary. Not a team. Our team is a strong team and I believe we will fight well with Fenerbahçe. Before the draw, we were talking if only Fenerbahçe would come out. We were very happy when we match Fenerbahçe. We want to return to, “he said.


President Young, bringing finally expressed in Fenerbahce is a team of high quality, “Fenerbahce one of those who play the moment the best ball in Turkey. Roster certain and fans in particular. Quality team in every area. One of Turkey’s eminent team . We will put forward our strength in the match and we want to beat our opponent, “he said.

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