Fenerbahçe will continue with Erol Bulut until the end of the season

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Fenerbahçe, in the 26th week of the Super League Kadikoy‘of GoztepeHe hosted. The Yellow Lacivertliler could not prevent Halil Akbunar’s goal and left the field 1-0. Galatasaray, one of the biggest rivals in the championship race, lost 3 points in the week when Galatasaray won the tough Aytemiz Alanyaspor away, and the morale was broken in Fenerbahçe before the Trabzonspor match.

Fenerbahçe’s criticism arrows after Göztepe defeat, coach Erol BulutHe headed for. The future of Erol Bulut began to be questioned in Fenerbahçe, which had 2 defeats in the last 3 weeks.


The future of Erol Bulut was opened to discussion again in Fenerbahçe. Although the separation of the road came to the agenda after the defeat of Göztepe, no such decision has been taken yet. One of the most important factors in this is Ali Koç and his management taking office with the promise of stability.

Although the general expectation in the public is to separate the roads with Erol Bulut, the management does not want to cross the road with the 5th coach before entering its third year, it is stated that the change may lead to worse results.

In yellow-dark blue, management agrees that finding a good coach will be difficult and costly at the moment. There will also be a process of adaptation. For this reason, the yellow-dark blue people insist on continuing with Erol Bulut until the end of the season. In addition, it is thought that frequently changing teachers may create a negative situation for the image of the club and the management.


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