Fenerbahçe was defeated by Göztepe, which it hosted at Ülker Stadium, and was heavily wounded on the way to the summit.

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Super League championship candidate FenerbahceAt the 26th week match GoztepeHe hosted.

Yellow-dark blue hosts faced an unexpected result in the fight played in Ülker Stadium. Fenerbahce, who could not find the goals that would bring the tie and the victory after the goals that he ate in the first half, left the field 1-0.

Halil Akbunar recorded the goal that brought the victory to the guest team Göztepe in the 8th minute.


Fenerbahçe, who defeated Fatih Karagümrük last week, was defeated by Göztepe and took a heavy blow on the way to the summit.

After this result, Fenerbahçe remained at 51 points. Göztepe increased its score to 32.

Fenerbahçe will face one of its arch rivals Trabzonspor on the road next week. Göztepe will host Kasımpaşa in its field.


Minute 6: Jahovic took the ball outside the penalty area in the sudden attack of Göztepe. Meanwhile, with the intervention of Szalai, who wanted to intervene, Ndiaye found the ball in front of him, Altay prevented the goal with his feet in the left diagonal shot of the penalty area.

Minute 8: After Fenerbahçe’s corner kick, Halil Akbunar, who got the long ball thrown without defense in Göztepe, quickly moved from his own half area, knocked Altay, who left the penalty area, entered and sent the ball to empty nets: 0-1

Minute 27: In Fenerbahçe, Ozan Tufan tried the castle from afar after effective passages in the opponent half. İrfan Can hardly corked the ball bouncing right in front of him.

Minute 37: Fenerbahçe won a free kick from very close to where it scored the goal in the Karagümrük match last week. Szalai could not send the ball to the goal in the carom that occurred at the mouth of the castle after Thiam landed with the head in the middle of Sosa.

Minute 41: After Mesut’s pass Valencia made the middle of the right, goalkeeper İrfan Can bounced the ball when Sosa, who was empty in the penalty area, hit the ground. Afterwards, while Alpaslan wanted to leave the ball to his goalkeeper with his knee, Thiam touched the ball but İrfan Can gained control.

43 minutes: In Göztepe’s sudden attack, Halil left the ball between the defense. While trying to strike the goalkeeper with the ball he bought in the penalty area, Ndiaye passed the ball on his foot.


Minute 52: Enner Valencia once again crossed the ball, where he met on the left cross, and took a hard shot. The ball bouncing from the defense came out from the pole to the corner.

Minute 58: In the Fenerbahçe attack developing from the left wing, Pelkas hit the ball that Caner ventilated from the cross, and goalkeeper İrfan Can easily controlled the ball going into his lap.

Minutes 72: In the corner kick used by Fenerbahçe from the left wing, Gökhan Gönül hit the head in the front pole, the ball went out from the top.

75 minutes: During the Göztepe attack from the right wing, Halil Akbunar got out of his opponents and entered and hit from close range, the ball remained in the side net.

Minutes 82: In the middle of Szalai, who came forward from the left wing, Samatta hit the head, the ball remained in the hands of goalkeeper İrfan Can.

Fenerbahçe was defeated by Göztepe, which it hosted at Ülker Stadium, and was heavily wounded on the way to the summit.
Fenerbahçe was defeated by Göztepe, which it hosted at Ülker Stadium, and was heavily wounded on the way to the summit.

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