Fenerbahce is now confused by Gustavo and Sosa controversy

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Gustavo, who is seen as indispensable in Fenerbahçe, which returned with one point from Malatyaspor away, is criticized for not contributing to the attack. The team’s imprisonment of Malatya in the penalty area during the minutes of Sosa-Mert Hakan duo at 11 “Is Sosa or Gustavo?” heated up the discussion. Belözoğlu is expected to pull Sosa to the top 11.

Another argument started after the New Malatya draw in Fenerbahçe. Considered indispensable for the team Luiz GustavoThe contribution that cannot make to the attack causes difficulties for the Yellow-Dark Blue Teams against the closed teams. Morning’s newsaccording to Gustavo is also seen as insufficient in producing scores. While the Brazilian contributed only 1 goal this season, one of the most important factors in the discussion is that Fenerbahçe turned into a much more productive team in the matches played by Mert Hakan and Sosa.


Fenerbahçe, who won the Trabzonspor away with a very effective game, played one of the best football of the season in Konyaspor, which won 3-0. In the new Malatya fight, the minutes that Sosa and Mert Hakan were included in the game, Yellow-Lacivertliler caught two very clear opportunities in this episode, one of which ended with penalty discussions, but could not evaluate.


Sosa played a total of 1407 minutes in 26 games this season and played 3 goals and 3 assists. Gustavo played 2203 minutes in 26 games and played 1 goal and 0 assists in total.

He was unhappy when he left the game

Luiz Gustavo, 33, who left his place to Sosa in the 77th minute in the new Malatya match, was quite surprised by the decision. However, the Brazilian player’s performance drew the reaction of the fans. Emre Belözoğluis expected to mount the more active Mert Hakan-Sosa duo in the top 11.

Fenerbahce is now confused by Gustavo and Sosa controversy

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