Fenerbahçe died against Kasımpaşa, died and was resurrected, but managed to win the match 3-2

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Yellow-Lacivertliler continued their claim by defeating Kasımpaşa 3-2 in the league that entered the last corners. Playing a very pressured game in the first half, Fenerbahçe scored 3 goals in the first half. Harun Tekin marked the match with his mistakes. The experienced goalkeeper gave his team two goals with two mistakes.

Fenerbahce, Super LeagueIn the 37th week of Kasimpasa3-2. Fenerbahçe, who had a say in the summit race by making 3 wins and 2 draws from the last 5 games, managed to continue on its way without any loss in the week won by its rivals Beşiktaş and Galatasaray. Yellow-Dark Blue people literally poured out their sweat in this encounter.


Fenerbahçe won the match played at the Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium in the first half of the season, 3-0. There are 9 players in Fenerbahçe and 5 players in Kasımpaşa. Those who have been suspended in Canary will not be on the road on weekdays, and those who get a card in Pasha will not be in the Alanyaspor exam in the home area at the weekend.


In Yellow-Lacivertliler, Altay, Sadık and Perotti, who were injured in this match, were not included. Mesut Özil was not included in the staff because he was not ready.


Fenerbahçe came to this match with 9 players at the limit of yellow cards. Caner, Pelkas, İrfan, Sosa, Tisserand, Serdar, Sinan, Ferdi and Gökhan Gönül were at the border in Sarı-Lacivertliler. İrfan was suspended by seeing yellow.


35 matches have been played between Fenerbahçe and Kasımpaşa before, until this game. Fenerbahçe won 27 of the matches between the two teams, Kasımpaşa won 4 of them, and 4 matches ended in draws.

The first 11s:

Fenerbahçe: Harun, Nazım, Serdar, Szalai, Caner, Sosa, Ozan, Mert Hakan, Pelkas, İrfan Can, Valencia

Kasımpaşa: Ertuğrul, Hadergjonaj, Luckassen, Brecka, Haddadi, Sadiku, Bistrovic, Hajradinovic, Koomson Varga, Thelin


ANOTHER BUG FROM 96 ‘HARUN! In the free kick that Fenerbahçe won from the right wing in his own field, Harun left his castle and took over the ball. The ball he sent towards the opposite wing fell in front of Varga. In Varga’s kick from the middle area, the ball was auta differently.

In the last moments of the match, Kasımpaşa is trying to put pressure on all lines in order to catch a tie.

Meanwhile, at least 9 minutes were added to the end of the match.

89’HARUN IS OUT! Luckassen hit the ball centered towards the back post in the free kick that Kasımpaşa used with Hajradinovic from the middle of the opponent’s half, and goalkeeper Harun slapped the ball to the corner with a great reflex.

A HEAD OF 88! In the corner used by Caner, Serdar Aziz hit the head in the front pole, the ball went out from the top.

81’Florent Hadergjonaj, Turkey scored the first goal of his career.

80’GOL Hadergjonaj, who headed the ball in the penalty, hit Harun hard to his left. Despite Harun’s intervention, the ball met with the nets: 3-2

77 ‘Harun Tekin was injured by Hajradinovic’s blow in the position that caused the penalty. Its treatment is carried out in the field.

76’PENALTY! With the deep ball sent from the midfield, Hajradinovic moved to the back of the defense. While trying to get rid of Harun in the facing position, he stayed on the ground, the referee showed the penalty point.

At 75 ‘Fenerbahçe, Sinan Gümüş entered from the left wing and cut a hard ball towards the goal area before landing on the last line, goalkeeper Ertuğrul controlled the ball in two moves.

74’Fenerbahçe started to lose a lot of turnovers in the middle area. Kasımpaşa tries to be effective with the balls it grabs, but they cannot go to the castle either.

In 71 ‘Fenerbahçe, Mert Hakan Yandaş left his place to Sinan Gümüş.

In 71 ‘Fenerbahçe, Enner Valencia left its place to Mame Thiam.

In 71 ‘Fenerbahçe, Ozan Tufan was replaced by Luiz Gustavo.

Sinan Gümüş, Gustavo and Thiam are preparing to enter the game at 69 ‘Fenerbahçe.

In this episode, the tempo dropped a lot. Compared to the first half, Fenerbahçe displays a much more controlled game in the second half.

60’OFSAYT DECISION APPROVED! After the examination, which lasted about 3 minutes, it was determined that the offside flag raised for Thelin was correct and the game started again with the indirect free kick of Fenerbahçe.

57 ‘GOAL INSTALLED ON THE OFFSIDE! Meeting with the ball in front of the goal area with Sadiku’s deep pass, Thelin hit his arrival without delay and sent the ball to the net, but the offside flag was raised.

OUT OF 53! Pelkas turned the ball he carried from the left wing into the middle. Nazım, who came from behind, hit the ball passing Valencia hard, the ball hitting the pole was auta.

47 ‘Fenerbahçe is patiently trying to develop an attack by passing.

The second half started in 45’Kadıköy!

DADEVRE! Fenerbahçe finished the first half with a great pressure, 3-1 over Kasımpaşa.

45 ‘Valencia, who headed the ball in the penalty, pulled the shot into the middle of the goal and managed to score.

Meanwhile, at least 2 minutes were added to the end of the first half.

43’PENALTY! İrfan Can, who took the ball across the penalty area, saw Valencia from behind him. Valencia saved the ball but remained on the ground with Haddadi’s intervention. Fırat Aydınus showed the penalty spot without hesitation.

41 ‘Hajradinovic wanted to move forward quickly in the ball lost after a corner kick used by Fenerbahçe. İrfan Can, who stopped him by pulling him in the middle area, saw a yellow card.

Hungarian defender Attila Szalai, who also aired the nets in Başakşehir away last week, increased the number of GOLs in the league to 3.

Following the corner kick used by 39’GOL Fenerbahçe, Mert Hakan centered the ball on the left wing on the front pole. Very good to that area

38’OZAN HIT! In Fenerbahçe, who trapped the ball with the pressure on the right wing, Mert Hakan centered. Ozan took the ball, which was bounced by the Kasımpaşa defense, at the first meters of the penalty area and pulled it to his right and hit the opposite corner very hard, goalkeeper Ertuğrul celled the ball to the corner.

ERTUĞRUL YOUR 32! Pelkas once again took the ball across the right of the penalty area. He saved the ball from his opponent right in front of him and hit it in an empty position, goalkeeper Ertuğrul once again prevented the goal.

31’HOLE GOAL MISSED! Ertuğrul prevented the absolute goal in Pelkas’s kick, who suddenly faced the goalkeeper with İrfan Can’s great pass.

30’Kasımpaşa is effective with cannons thrown behind the defense. Hajradinovic wanted to hit the ball centered in the penalty area, meanwhile, Sosa took a shield and prevented the shot from going to the goal.

20’GOL While Fenerbahçe was trying to make a game from behind, the cake Harun sent by Serdar Aziz to his goalkeeper fell very short. Hajradinovic, who suddenly found the ball in front of him, sent the ball to the net with a shot from the ground in an empty state: 1-1

By the way, Caner Erkin, who helped Valencia with a great middle in the goal, gave a GOL pass for the 9th time in the league this season. Enner Valencia, on the other hand, scored for the first time in the league.

15’Enner Valencia scored his 8th goal in the Super League this season.

14’GOL Fenerbahçe’s right-wing corner kick, and Caner again took the ball in front of the touchline, which the defense could not get away from. He cut a delightful middle towards the castle area. Valencia hunted down Ertuğrul, who hit his head over the defense and wasted: 1-0

13’SERT SHOT! Pelkas slammed behind the defense with Valencia’s pass and hit the penalty area very hard and smooth despite the narrow angle from the right diagonal. Goalkeeper Ertuğrul did not allow the goal.

OUT OF THE 10 LINE! Ozan Tufan, who got the ball in the middle of the opponent’s half, made a wall pass with Valencia and made his touch from the cross in the facing position. Hadergjonaj sent the ball to the goal in front of the line at the last moment.

Couldn’t TOUCH on 9! Fenerbahce was effective on the left wing again. Valencia moved on the front pole in the middle of Mert Hakan, who hung behind the defense, but the ball that grazed his head remained in Ertuğrul.

8’NET OPPORTUNITY! Taking the ball in front of the left touchline, Caner saw Valencia in the middle without waiting. Ertuğrul rescued Valencia, who took the ball in a suitable position, and kicked the near corner from the ground. Subsequently, Pelkas made the move, but the offside flag was lifted for the Greek player.

5 ‘DIRECTLY TO THE CASTLE! In the corner kick used by Hajradinovic, the ball heading directly to the goal went out of the top. Fırat Aydınus, with the warning of his assistant Erdem Bayık, stated that the goalkeeper Harun did not touch the ball and gave the authorization.

4 ONE HEAD! Having trapped the ball on the right wing, Hadergjonaj centered in Kasımpaşa, Thelin hit the head in the front pole. The ball remained in the upper net, but the referee showed the corner, stating that it was a final intervention from the defense.

2 ‘Now Fenerbahce, who traps the ball, is trying to make a game without defending.

1’Fenerbahçe started the match by applying pressure in the front area. Kasımpaşa is trying to break this pressure with rust.

BC The first whistle blew and the match started!

Emre Belözoğlu did not break the first 11 winners against Kasımpaşa
Fenerbahçe died against Kasımpaşa, died and was resurrected, but managed to win the match 3-2

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