Ersun Yanal: It was a critical win – Last minute Antalyaspor news

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Yanal, in the press conference held after the match played in Antalya Stadium, stated that they need to play well and struggle.

Stating that he shared that he was not satisfied with the results they had before, Yanal emphasized that they needed to be a team and continue this victory.

Pointing out that they should put forward a higher fighting power together with the future players, Yanal said, “It is our needs in the next period to improve our game and make it accepted by the opponent. Can we rise above this struggle as a team? It was a critical win. I am very pleased with the struggle of the players.” used the expressions.

Experienced technical man, also said from his twitter account, “We got a very important win in terms of regaining our confidence. But it is not enough, we have to continue. We are Antalyaspor and there is always better.” shared.

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