Erol Bulut plans to return to his old system in the Trabzonspor match

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In the Trabzonspor match, which will determine the fate of Fenerbahçe on the way to the championship, coach Erol Bulut plans to return to his old system. Bulut had changed the old system, which won 9 wins in 10 matches, after the reactions from the fans. The young coach will seek victory against Trabzonspor by leaving the ball to his opponent.

Damaged at the summit with Galatasaray and Göztepe defeats in Spor Toto Super League Fenerbahcesingle target in Trabzonsporto beat. Yellow-lacivertliler will be on the field with the old system at Trabzonspor away. Erol Bulut‘s team had a hard time playing the game in the opponent’s half this season.

Therefore, the young coach accepted the game in his own half of the field in many matches and tried to address the gaps left by the opponent. Even though it was criticized as a game, important points were earned as a result of this tactical understanding and the team was at the top. Especially in January, Fenerbahçe gained 9 wins in 10 matches and rose to the league leadership.


In an environment where bad game criticism was voiced by management and sports director Emre Belözoğlu, when Mesut Özil transfer was added, Erol Bulut had to play a different game. This goal of the yellow-dark blue people who wanted to play in the opponent half of the Göztepe match and were planning to put pressure was collapsed in the 9th minute. The space left behind almost the entire team when the opponent turned to the goal for the corner used, the price of the space was heavy. Halil Akbunar, who came out of his own half of the field, first passed Caner with speed. When goalkeeper Altay also came forward to prevent the ball, Halil sent the ball to empty nets.

Erol Bulut plans to return to his old system in the Trabzonspor match


After the game, Erol Bulut reacted to the criticism of the old game system and stated that many teams played in this way and gained points. With the Trabzonspor match, the yellow-dark blue will return to their old order. Fenerbahce, who will leave the ball to his opponent, will wait for the gaps Trabzonspor will leave. Özil will step in here and try to create opportunities for his friends with the key passes behind the defense.


The treatment process of İrfan Can Kahveci, one of Fenerbahçe’s flash transfers, has come to an end. İrfan Can Kahveci, who felt pain in his muscle during the match of Çaykur Rizespor in the 21st week of the league while wearing Başakşehir shirt, had a tear in his left back muscle after the controls. İrfan Can was transferred to Fenerbahçe during the treatment process. Erol Bulut will make the final decision for İrfan Can, who survived his injury with the intense effort of the medical team of the yellow-blue club. Yildiz midfield is also expected to join the team today.

Erol Bulut plans to return to his old system in the Trabzonspor match
Erol Bulut plans to return to his old system in the Trabzonspor match

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