Emre Belözoğlu gathered the team and explained the analysis report: We are on the right track, but it must be better

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The technical delegation, which analyzed all the struggles of Fenerbahçe, Denizlispor, Yeni Malatya and Gaziantep, emphasizes that the team has improved. The Yellow-Lacivertliler, who compiled possession, shooting attempts and offensive actions, are united in the view that “we should play like this, and even do better”.

In Fenerbahçe, the technical delegation continues to work hard. Match progressing match Emre BelözoğluErdinç Sözer and Volkan Demirel constantly discuss the latest situation, development and future conditions of the team. The view that Emre Belözoğlu always defended during the period of Erol Bulut, when he was the sports director, “Fenerbahçe should not leave the ball to the opponent, he must have the ball” was clearly realized when he became the coach.


Of nationality newsaccording to The analysis made justified Belözoğlu. 7 points, games and statistics in Yeni Malatyaspor and Gaziantep matches were indicators of the shortcomings Belözoğlu pointed out. The young coach reiterated his sensitivity in possession of the ball with both Erdinç Sözer and Volkan Demirel, who have recently joined the technical team, and said, “Fenerbahçe should play like this and even show better”. In the Başakşehir match, it was emphasized that both the numbers and the development of the game will create a positive break.


In the last 3 weeks with Emre Belözoğlu, Fenerbahçe got the following numbers against its rivals:

– Denizlispor match: In the fight won 1-0, the yellow-blue team came to the fore in possession of the ball with 65 percent, 20 shots were taken and 1 ball returned from the pole. There were 38 crosses to the opponent goal.

– Y. Malatya match: Fenerbahçe missed serious opportunities on the road 1-1, the ball was won with 74 percent. While 14 shots were taken, 3 balls returned from the pole. It was mid 20.

– Gaziantep match: At the end of 90 minutes won 3-1, he had the success of 63 percent possession, 17 shots were taken, 1 ball returned from the pole. Throughout the fight, 25 crosses were made.

Belözoğlu, who had the analysis of the team, told the report to his players: We have to do better.
Emre Belözoğlu gathered the team and explained the analysis report: We are on the right track, but it must be better

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