Emotional conversation from Ozan Tufan in the dressing room: We win this match for our teacher Emre, don’t let our efforts stay here.

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An emotional and at the same time enthusiastic speech was experienced in the dressing room of Fenerbahçe, who won the Başakşehir away last night with difficulty. The team, which showed a bad football in the first half hour, dropped as motivation and caught equality with Szalai at the end of the period. Following Emre Belözoğlu’s tactics in the locker room, Captain Ozan took the word, said “We are winning this game for our teacher Emre” and applause rose.

Besiktas, the leader in the summit race, makes you feel the breath on the neck FenerbahceHe managed to return three points from Başakşehir displacement, albeit difficult. The ineffective football that appeared in the first half hour decreased the motivation of the football players on the field. Although Belözoğlu made his strong directions from the hut, no reaction was given in that department. Before the end of the circuit, Szalai evaluated the pass of Ozan, who hit the ball with the head in the front pole in the corner and relieved his team. Thanks to this goal, more enthusiastic conversations were experienced in the locker room.


Emre Belözoğlu asked his team to parcel the field better and press faster in the second half. He asked the rim waiters not to miss. After the tactics were given, they met in the middle for victory, Belözoğlu explained his belief in victory. Captain Ozan, who was very enthusiastic, said, “We are working hard. Let’s not leave here the good results and good game we have had for a few weeks. We will not waste the efforts of our teacher Emre. We will win this match for him and focus on the next goals,” he said.

Emotional conversation from Ozan Tufan in the dressing room: We win this match for our teacher Emre, don't let our efforts stay here.

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