Eden Hazard scored a hat-trick despite being drunk

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Mavuba, his former teammate from Lille, shared his funny memories about Eden Hazard, who disappeared after being transferred from Chelsea to Real Madrid with a 100 million euro transfer fee. “It was his last game in Lille and he arranged a small event. He had a drink until the morning, we couldn’t stand and we slept. He went to the game before he went to sleep and he did a hat-trick, this guy is amazing. He will tidy up.” ” said.

One of the biggest transfer disappointments of recent years Eden HazardRio Mavuba, one of his former teammates, shared his memories about the Belgian star on social media. Mavuba, who said that Hazard had been in the game several times while drunk, explained the details of the entertainment that the player organized for his last match.


Mavuba said, “It was Hazard’s last game. He wanted to arrange a small event. We decided to have a little drink. It was a bit of an engrossing drink. The man drank all night before we went to sleep. We couldn’t stand it, we slept with each other. In the morning Hazard didn’t sleep and was drunk. He had a lot of alcohol. That evening, Nancy went out to the game and scored three goals. Real MadridHe said, “He will recover in.”

Eden Hazard scored a hat-trick despite being drunk
Eden Hazard scored a hat-trick despite being drunk

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