Details of the crisis between Fatih Terim and management revealed in Galatasaray

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Manager at Galatasaray Fatih TerimAfter the explanations of the place played. Ziraat Yeni Malatyaspor Turkish cup Speaking after the match they eliminated in the last 16 Tour, the experienced technical man fired the fuse, saying, “I did not have a meeting with the management. I felt a deep loneliness. I have a promise to G. Saray, not to people and groups. Already in May, both my promises and my contract are over.”

So how did the Emperor come to the process that caused him to break the strings with the administration and what awaits Galatasaray?

Here is behind the scenes of the crisis;

Fatih Terim, whose request for Mert Hakan and Mensah was not fulfilled at the beginning of the season, played his cards open this time and made the transfer list consisting of İrfan Can, Visca, Onyekuru and Mostafa Mohamed. Sport shared with the public. Terim sent the message “Enough is enough” to the Chairman Mustafa Cengiz and the board of directors, who could not meet their expectations in terms of selling and transferring players.


The management, which could not satisfy the fans in the transfer, does not agree with his teacher. In the club, criticisms began to be expressed, “We paid more than 20 million euros to Diagne and Luyindama. We made the requested transfers, but this money was not used correctly.”


An election awaits Galatasaray in May 2021. The ongoing forced relationship between Mustafa Cengiz and Fatih Terim may end at the end of the season. Terim does not intend to continue if Cengiz is re-elected president. The Emperor, whose contract expires at the end of May, will evaluate the +3-year option with the new president and new administration.


During the championship celebrations in 2018-19, Fatih Terim received a contract gesture. Terim had signed for 5 years on the platform set up in the middle of the field. Considering that the ordinary elections would be held in May 2021 at that time, the administration headed by Mustafa Cengiz bound the contract with the term of office and arranged it as 2 + 3 years option. The 3 million euro guarantee fee was fixed to 18 million TL, and at the beginning of the season, at the beginning of the season, at the request of the management, there was a 15 percent (2.7 million TL) discount.


After the ‘loneliness’ statements of coach Fatih Terim, question marks arose in the community, and yellow-red football fans took action. Some Galatasaray fans went to Terim’s house yesterday evening and looked after the experienced coach. The fans cheering by lighting torches shouted “Emperor Fatih Terim. We are with you until you die”.


After the new Malatya match was prolonged, the program was also delayed for the yellow-reds whose return to Istanbul was delayed. While the party was returning to Istanbul yesterday, Fatih Terim did not train his players before the derby and gave an order to meet in Florya today.


These historical moments between Galatasaray administration and Fatih Terim were experienced after the 22nd championship. While it was announced that a 5-year contract was signed with the experienced technical man, President Cengiz made statements in front of thousands of fans with the words “We will fill the missing wings of the 5th star”. After this signing ceremony, while there was great enthusiasm in the stands, Türk Telekom Stadium groaned with the “Emperor Fatih Terim” cheering, and this is how the 2nd President Abdurrahim Albayrak returned to the tribune and supported this cheer.


Details of the crisis between Fatih Terim and management revealed in Galatasaray

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