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Medipol Başakşehir Technical Manager İrfan Saraloğlu said, “There is a serious problem in Achilles. It may not be among us for a long time,” said Martin Skrtel, who was injured and hospitalized in the Kasımpaşa match. Saraloğlu said that they made all the moves to win against their opponent who had 10 people in the match.

In the 15th week of the Super League, Medipol Başakşehir drew 2-2 with Kasımpaşa, which he faced on the field. After the match, Medipol Başakşehir Technical Manager İrfan Saraloğlu made a statement to the press members. Saraloğlu emphasized that they could not finish the match well as they wanted and said, “We have two sadnesses. Martin Skrtel’s injury and leaving us alone both on the field and in the rest made us very sad. We lost him for a while. Our second sadness is the result of the match. We started with the absolute win. We made all our fiction to win. Actually, it went the way we wanted. We started well. We got ahead 1-0, first of all, the mistake we made in the front area was in the middle and when the error we made in the defense was chained. “We scored goals from the opponent’s most feared fast attacks. We waited for a comeback afterwards. We could not provide him with the positions we entered.”


Expressing that Kasımpaşa’s lack of one person with a red card made them hopeful in terms of the game, İrfan Saraloğlu gave the following statements:
“The opponent’s seeing a red card made us hopeful. We had to change our player changes and our team line-up to play more offensive. We played double center. When the opponent was 1 player down, we removed Rafel, who saw a yellow card, and we tried the attacker to the right and the wings more. We started to use it too much. We have 10 goal positions. Unfortunately, the posts and the opponent goalkeeper did not allow it. Later, we made a mistake not related to the team setup with a mistake we made. The opponent found the goal. We started to play the game in a way that completely risked it. Defeat in the home area was not the result we would accept. We have achieved a draw and entered positions again, unfortunately, you are positioning when you take risks, as of the 90th minute, you have to take a few positions. You have to take these risks when you are 2-2. If you are strong and your opponent is missing, you make all the moves to win the match. When not, you have to accept the result. Congratulations to the opponent. Fight well. tiler. “


Stating that the referee Fırat Aydınus allowed the players of Kasımpaşalı who tried to cool the game, “He allows the opponent who tries to cool the game, spends time and finishes the game. He gives 6 minutes to finish in the 7th minute. He is out of the game for about 3 and a half minutes in the overtime. But finishes early. The last minute is very important even in the last second. I congratulate the opponent as well as the game tries to cool it down, “he said.
Saraloğlu said, “There is a serious problem in Achilles. It will be announced when we get information from the hospital. There is a serious situation. It may not be with us for a long time,” said Saraloğlu.

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