Deniz Çoban: there is a clear foul before Beşiktaş’s goal

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In the 35th week of the Super Toto Super League, Beşiktaş drew 2-2 against Ankaragücü on its field. At the end of the match, former referee Deniz Çoban commented on the controversial positions of the match in the broadcaster. Çoban said, “Vida is making a clear foul before the golden. The goal decision should have been canceled,” he said.

Besiktas lost 2 points on the field Ankaragucu former referee after the match Sea Shepherdcommented on controversial positions. He put an end to the discussions about Beşiktaş’s goal, to which the yellow-blue community reacted, especially.

Deniz Çoban’s assessment of the position is as follows:


“Pay attention to Vida, he’s committing a foul before the goal. I have no doubts, he’s committing a clear foul. The unfair use of the hands and arms. He eliminates the opponent. The goal decision should have been canceled.”

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