Defending champions Trabzonspor Ziraat Turkey Cup begins in overtime

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Ziraat Turkey Cup Trabzonspor’s last champion, tomorrow will host the field of TFF 1 Adana Demirspor League teams. The two teams had faced each other in the cup 12 years ago.

Agriculture, Turkey Cup 5th round to join the champions from Trabzonspor in the field during the first exam in the League Cup tomorrow will host the 1st League teams Demirspor’un of Adana. Aiming to bring the trophy, which they brought to the museum for the 9th time, for the 10th time, the burgundy-blue people want to have their name written for the next round by winning this match. Alper Çetin will lead the competition, which will start at 18.15 at the Medical Park Stadium. Mehmet Ali Akkor and Cem Özbay will assist them.


Trabzonspor and Adana Demirspor face each other again after a 12-year hiatus. The two teams faced the last cup match played in Adana on January 9, 2008. The host Adana Demirspor won the match 1-0. After the game in question, the two teams will face each other in Trabzon for the first time tomorrow.


Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avci, rotated against Adana Demirspor will encounter in Agriculture, Turkey Cup is expected to be with a team. Considering the intense fixture that will start in the coming days, the experienced coach is planning to use the players he could not give much chance to in the Super League in this match. Avcı, who is expected to make changes in the goal, defense, midfield and striker line, will soon see the match performances of some of the players and will take notes.


Trabzonspor is expected to play tomorrow in the form of Erce Kardeşler, Serkan Asan, Hüseyin Türkmen, Campi, Kamil Ahmet Çörekçi, Abdulkadir Finger, Flavio, Abdulkadir Ömür, Bilal Başacıkoğlu, Diabate and Afobe.

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