Canary made no mistake in the week his opponents lost! Fenerbahçe beat Denizlispor 1-0 in the 32nd week of the Super League

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Fenerbahçe faced Denizlispor in the 32nd week of the Super League. In the week when Beşiktaş and Galatasaray lost points, the yellow-dark blue people who played their first match under the management of Emre Belözoğlu left the match with a 1-0 victory. Canary’s goal came from Samatta in the 64th minute. With this score, Fenerbahçe rose to the 2nd rank in the league and increased the point difference to 1 with Galatasaray. Yellow-lacivertliler also reduced the difference in points to 2 with the leader Beşiktaş.

In the 32nd week of the Super League FenerbahceDefeated Denizlispor 1-0. In the week when their rivals Beşiktaş and Galatasaray were defeated in the summit race, the yellow-dark blue players had 3 points worth gold.


Emre Belözoğlu, Director of Fenerbahçe Football A Team, made his first match at the beginning of the yellow-blue team. Belözoğlu, who has been the sports director of the yellow-dark blue team since the beginning of the season, was appointed technical responsibility after the departure of the roads with coach Erol Bulut on 25 March. On the other hand, coach Erdinç Sözer, who was appointed as Emre Belözoğlu’s assistant, also took his place on the bench for the first time.


The goal that brought Fenerbahçe the victory came from Mbwana Samatta in the middle of Caner Erkin’s corner in the 64th minute. On the other hand, after Caner Erkin’s corner pass, İrfan Can’s goal, which found the net in the 84th minute, was canceled due to the offside justification after the VAR review. After this result, Fenerbahçe made 62 points and moved to the 2nd place by passing Galatasaray. Denizlispor remained in the last place of the league with 25 points.



Minutes 6: Szalai wanted to miss Ozan behind the defense by playing long without defense, but the ball was left with the goalkeeper Cenk.

17 minutes: Sacko, who met the ball at the right diagonal of the penalty area behind the defense in the long pass of Sagal in Denizlispor, thought of the castle, Szalai put his feet and sent the ball to the corner.

Minutes 36: In Denizlispor’s attack, Altay did not allow the goal by reaching out on the ball that went to the corner from Sagal’s shot from outside the penalty area.

Minute 41: In the fast-developing Denizlispor attack, Sagal entered the penalty area with the ball and turned the ball he saved from Altay inside, and the defense prevented the danger by intervening at the last minute.


50 minutes: Meeting with the ball in the penalty area on the right wing during the minutes of Fenerbahçe’s pressure, Pelkas turned the ball inside without defense and returned from the pole, then Ozan thought of the castle, which met with the ball outside the penalty area, the ball remained in Cenk.

64 minutes: In Caner’s right-wing corner kick, Samatta’s head shot hit the pole, and the ball hit the net: 1-0

Minutes 74: During the Fenerbahçe attack developing from the left wing, Ozan entered the penalty area with the ball he brought himself, and Cenk prevented the danger by interfering with the ball that he got out of his opponent and turned to the middle.

Minute 83: Meet with the ball on the penalty area front line in Caner’s right-wing corner kick In İrfan’s kick, the ball bouncing from Szalai went to the net. GOL was canceled due to offside decision after VAR control.

Canary made no mistake in the week his opponents lost!  Fenerbahçe beat Denizlispor 1-0 in the 32nd week of the Super League

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