Boluspor Ankaraspor: 2-0 MATCH RESULT – SUMMARY – Last minute TFF 1. League news

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In the 10th week of the TFF 1st League, Beypiliç Boluspor defeated Ankaraspor 2-0 in the field.

In the 6th minute, the ball returned from the pole in the shot of Poepon, who met with the ball in the penalty area during Beypiliç Boluspor attack.

In the 10th minute, in the attack of Ankaraspor from the right wing, Barış’s shot was shot by the goalkeeper Mosquera, who met the ball in the penalty area.

In the 16th minute, Fethi Özer’s shot went out of the upper pole, meeting with the ball in the carom in the penalty area.

In the 83rd minute of Bolsupor attack, the Brigade hit the middle of the penalty area, opened by Gökhan from the right wing. The ball went out with the intervention of the goalkeeper.

In the 87th minute, Marlinho cut the ball in front of the castle and when Muhammed Gümüşkaya hit the ball, the ball met with nets: 1-0.

Marlinho, advancing with the ball from the midfield in the 90 + 6th minute, removed a left wing goal. Meeting with the ball in the penalty area, Muhammet Arslantaş aired the nets: 2-0.

STAT: Ataturk

REFEREES: Volkan Bayarslan (xxx), Erdem Bayık (xxx), Mehmet Kapluhan (xxx)

BEYPİLİÇ BOLUSPOR: Mosquera (xxx) – Kerim (xx), Ali (xxx), Aykut (xx), Fethi (xx), Gökhan (xx) (Min.90 + 6 Muhammed Rasheed), Brigade (xxx), Alican (xxx), Mihajlovic (xx) (Min.80 Muhammed Gümüşkaya xxx), Marlinho (xxx), Poepon (xx) (Min.71 Muhammed Arslantaş xxx)

ANKARASPOR: Emre (xx) – Ali Ülgen (xx), Thales (xx), Mahmut (xx), Levent (xx), Stanojevic (xx) (Min.77 İbrahim), Beykan (xx), Doğukan Efe (xx) (Min. 69 Emrecan Efe xx), Barış (xx), Engin (xx) (Min. 69 Batuhan xx), Basıt Umar (xx)

GOALS: Min. 87 Muhammed Gümüşkaya, Min. 90 + 6 Muhammet Arslantaş (Beypiliç Boluspor)

YELLOW CARDS: Poepon, Marlinho (Boluspor) Mahmut Akan (Ankaraspor)

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