Boğuşlu, who runs Altay and Uğurcan, explained the difference between them

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Turkey national football team, Trabzonspor and Fenerbahçe’s former goalkeeping coach, also coach goalkeeping coach Alper BOĞUŞLU was compared to two students of the Altai and UĞURCAN ELEKTRİK. Boğuşlu said, “I saw that Uğurcan could come to these points. They are both very talented. I think Altay will play the best when it comes to his turn. The only difference between the two is age. Uğurcan is 2 years older, more experienced,” he said.

In the comparison between Trabzonsporlu Uğurcan and Fenerbahçeli Altay, who competed in the castle of the National Team, the last goalkeeper coach Alper Boğuşlu made the duo. Boğuşlu stated that the difference between the two goalkeepers is age, “They are both the best in their age group. They are both very talented. I saw that Uğurcan could come to these points. I think Altay will play in the best way when it comes. The only difference between them is age, Uğurcan.” more experienced, “he said.


Boğuşlu continued his words as follows: İrfan Can Eğribayat is also a very talented goalkeeper. I predicted that he would also achieve this performance. He continued very well. It will continue even better. Altay and Uğurcan will represent us well, capable of playing in 5 major leagues.

Boğuşlu, who coached Altay and Uğurcan, compared the two goalkeepers and explained the difference between them.
Goalkeeping coach Alper Boğuşlu

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