Aslan took a big wound on the way to the championship! Galatasaray drew 1-1 with Karagümrük on the field

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In the 34th week of the Super Toto Super League, Galatasaray drew 1-1 with Karagümrük in its field. Yellow-Kırmızılılar, managed to get only 5 points in the last 6 weeks, seriously injured on the way to the championship. As a result of the match marked by the VAR decisions, Aslan increased his score to 62 and remained in the third place.

In the 34th week match in the Super League Galatasaray by Fatih Karagümrük faced. Yellow-Kırmızılılar left 2 points in the fight, which is of great importance for the summit race. The fight played at Türk Telekom Stadium ended with a 1-1 equality.


While Galatasaray started the match by pressing ahead, Fatih Karagümrük tried to get out of the field with passes to the feet. Considering the goal from the first minutes, Galatasaray found the goal in the 9th minute, but this goal was declared invalid. Facing the goalkeeper in the middle of Fernandes’s pass, Mustafa Muhammed brought the ball to the right of the goalkeeper. Referee Ali Palabıyık watched the position again with the warning of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and canceled the goal on the grounds that the leather ball hit Babel’s hand.


In the second half, while the game turned to the midfield fight, the first goal came from Fatih Karagümrük. In the 60th minute of the match, Fatih Karagümrük developed from the left wing and Salibur hit the left cross, Ndao finished the ball bouncing from Muslera at the mouth of the goal and the guest team went ahead 1-0.


Galatasaray, who wanted to react immediately to the goal of Fatih Karagümrük, caught a tie after a short while. In the 62nd minute of the match, Gedson Fernandes saw Babel without waiting after Aksel lost the ball just outside the Karagümrük penalty area. Babel also opened the way and sent the ball to the net in an empty state and the situation was 1-1.


In the 86th minute of the match, Kerem Aktürkoğlu remained on the ground in Fatih Karagümrük penalty area and Ali Palabıyık showed the penalty point. Ali Palabıyık canceled the penalty and red card decisions in favor of Galatasaray after watching the position on the VAR monitor.



Minute 8: Gedson Fernandes dropped the ball down Babel’s chest, and Mostafa Mohamed, one of the first meters of the penalty area, kicked the ball without delay and sent the ball to the net: 1-0

Minute 9: Meanwhile, a monitoring recommendation came from the VAR on the grounds that Babel was playing by hand before GOL. Ali Palabıyık will watch the position.

Minutes 10:Watching the position, Ali Palabıyık determined Babel’s hand play and canceled the goal. 0-0 equality continues.

12 minutes: Karagümrük is very close to the goal. Sent to the back of the defense, Ndao controlled the ball in the penalty area, in the facing position the ball returned from the pole. Subsequently, in Lens’s shot, the defense did not allow a goal.

20 minutes: In the continuation of the corner kick used by Karagümrük by passing from the left wing, Balkovec centered it, Roco, which was empty in front of the goal area, hit it from close range. The ball came out from the pole.

32 minutes: In the middle of Emre Akbaba’s right wing, Mostafa Mohamed hit the head at close range, goalkeeper Viviano prevented the goal with his foot. Subsequently, in Babel’s left diagonal shot, the ball was sideways auta.

43 minutes: Karagümrük was effective in the continuation of the corner kick again. Balkovec centered from the left, the ball bouncing off the defense hit the arrival of Ndao in the back. The ball bouncing off the ground, Muslera caught the corner.


Minute 59: Salibur hit Salibur in the attack of Karagümrük from the left wing, Ndao finished the ball bouncing from Muslera at the mouth of the goal: 0-1

Minute 61: Just outside the Karagümrük penalty area, Gedson Fernandes saw Babel after Aksel lost his ball. Babel also opened the way and sent the ball to the net in an empty state: 1-1

Minutes 78: In the VAR review, Ali Palabıyık stated that Ryan Donk had pressed Sobiech’s leg from behind and directly removed his red card. Galatasaray has 10 people left.

Minutes 92: With Mevlüt’s deep pass, Balkovec, who hung behind the defense in an empty situation, hit him in a facing position, goalkeeper Muslera saved the absolute goal.

Aslan took a big wound on the way to the championship!  Galatasaray drew 1-1 with Karagümrük on the field

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