Another statement from Yılmaz Vural’s family! Corona virus … | Breaking news

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Yılmaz Vural, one of the veteran names of the coach community, was hospitalized due to the corona virus. Another announcement about Vural’s health came from his family, who frequently provided information about the state of the experienced teacher.

The first statement from the Vural Family said, “Our father has been under treatment since November 19, when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Today, he continues to be followed up in the intensive care unit, depending on the breathing apparatus. His condition remains serious.” had happened. In the following days, the Vural Family made another statement, stating that the treatment was going well and “Our father Yılmaz Vural’s blood values ​​are better today and his treatment continues in intensive care.” was in the form.

The last statement from the Vural Family is as follows:

“Our father is under treatment for the first time because of COVID-19, and the news that he was caught for the second time is unfounded. In the first one, although his first test was positive, his later tests were negative. Our father continues to give a positive reaction to the treatments.”

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