Alex de Souza refused Malatyaspor’s offer because he did not want to run a team this season.

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After the defeat of Konyaspor 3-2 in the Super League, Yeni Malatyaspor, who met and agreed with coach Hamza Hamzaoğlu, and the search for a teacher gained speed. While Alex de Souza refuses the offer because he does not want to run a team this season, Malatya team is very close to an agreement with Tamer Tuna.

While the search for coaches continues in the Super League team Yeni Malatyaspor, the management, Tamer Tuna It was learned that he was close to an agreement with.

The negotiations with Okan Buruk, Alex de Souza and Tayfun Korkut by the management in the first place did not get positive results. It was learned that Okan Buruk and Alex de Souza did not accept the offer given to them because they did not think of running a team this season.


When the yellow and black management received a negative response from Okan Buruk, Alex de Souza and Tayfun Korkut, the route turned to Tamer Tuna. Having met with Tamer Tuna, the administration could not reach an agreement in the first place. Tamer Tuna wanted a 1.5-year contract, while the management of Yeni Malatyaspor offered an agreement until the end of the season.


The management had another meeting with Tamer Tuna. In this meeting, it was reported that the management suggested to make an agreement with Tuna until the end of the season and to sit down and talk about the next season at the end of the season. It was learned that the second meeting was positive and the final decision would be made.

45-year-old Tamer Tuna previously coached Göztepe, Sivasspor and Antalyaspor in her coaching career. Tuna, who has a UEFA-Pro license, lastly served in Antalyaspor.

(New Malatya Newspaper)

Alex de Souza refused Malatyaspor's offer because he did not want to run a team this season.

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