Akhisar Turkey Cup and Super Cup champion, will shake wipes TFF 1 League loses this week

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Turkey Cup and Super Cup winner two years ago, UEFA Champions League Akhisarspor struggling in the group, came to the brink of falling into League 2. If Akhisar is defeated by Altay at home on Sunday this week, and if the relegated rival Menemenspor draws against Eskişehirspor, they will be relegated. Akhisar is 16th with 26 points and Menemen is 15th with 31 points. Foreigners whose contracts continue in Akhisar, which is likely to say goodbye to the 1st League, will also be free.

In the remaining three matches Akhisar If he fails to perform a miracle, he will fall into the lower league and lose 9 foreign players in his squad. Akhisar must not lose in the remaining matches, and Menemen must constantly lose. If Akhisar is defeated by Altay at home this week, it is very likely to be relegated. Menemen, the other opponent in the relegation line, will strengthen his place if he gets points or points from Eskişehirspor.

Akhisar Turkey Cup and Super Cup champion, waved handkerchiefs to TFF 1 League

A Farewell to Patented Players in Super League

On the staff Super League and Akhisar, with European patented Raheem Lawal, Akwo Ayuk Taku, Dzon Delarge, İbrahim Sissoko, Alya Toure, Paul Keita, Nsima Peter, as well as Martins Onyebueke, who has not yet played for the team, and Milan Lukac, who has been playing for the team for 6 seasons, must say goodbye to all foreigners. will stay. Lawal, Taku, Toure, Delarge, Peter and Keita, who are transferred at high costs and whose contracts are ongoing, will give the club a headache with the current and upcoming FIFA channel.


Akhisarspor, 2017-18 season Turkish cup He defeated Fenerbahçe 3-2 in the final and took the cup to his museum. The Aegean team, which faced Galatasaray, the champion of the Super League that season, in the Super Cup Final, defeated Galatasaray in penalties and became the owner of the Super Cup.

Akhisar Turkey Cup and Super Cup champion, waved handkerchiefs to TFF 1 League

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