Ahmet Çakar: Let me add that such refereeing

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Beşiktaş passed the Erzurum hurdle by 4 and continued on its way to the championship with firm steps. After the goal scored by Ghezzal, the referee of the match, Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu, received heavy criticism. Famous commentator Ahmet Çakar, who referred to Galatasaray’s Karagümrük match regarding the position of Cenk, who controlled the ball by hand before the Golden, said, “Babel hand control Mustafa’s goal canceled. 24 hours later, war with hand control Ghezzal’s lake is valid. Let me take such refereeing” used the expressions.

Super Toto in the 34th week of the Super League Besiktasaway BB ErzurumsporHe beat 4-2. The third goal scored by Ghezzal, who brought black and whites forward, caused great controversy.


Before Ghezzal’s goal, Erzurumspor football players entered the ball that Cenk took with his hand. In the continuation of the same position, Dorukhan Toköz grabbed the ball from the players of the opponent team and restarted the Beşiktaş attack and the goal came. Famous commentator Ahmet Cakar Citing the canceled goal of the yellow-reds in the Galatasaray-Karagümrük match played yesterday after this position, “Serdar Tatlı’s referees were caught on the job 24 hours apart. Babel hand control Mustafa’s goal was canceled. 24 hours later, the hand control of the warrior Ghezza. The lake is valid. Let me take it in such a refereeing “commented.

Ahmet Çakar: Let me add that such refereeing

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