Abdulkadir Finger was not allowed! – Last minute Trabzonspor news

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TAbdulkadir Finger, who faced an insulting reaction from a fan during the weeks when his performance in rabzonspor was criticized, and then thought to leave the team after these reactions increased, he gave up his decision after the meeting. To the burgundy-blue football player both technical team as well as the board moral speeches made by, It was learned that the 26-year-old midfield gave up the idea of ​​leaving and gave his motivation to the league.

On the other hand, there are negative developments regarding Enzo Perez, one of the names on the transfer list. As the demands of the player’s manager increased and the fans pressured the club to keep the 34-year-old middle stage from leaving the team, the direction of the negotiations that went well turned into negative.
Abdulkadir Finger played in 14 games this season and could not contribute to goals or assists.


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