A flash request from Beşiktaş’s young goalkeeper Utku Yuvakuran before the Başakşehir match!

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The pain of Utku Yuvakuran, who had not been able to take part in field studies due to his pain in his right back calf for a while and who was trying to raise a match in the hall with a physiotherapist, has not completely passed. It was learned that the young fisherman, who was especially interested in the health team, would go on the field in the Başakşehir match after the injection treatment.

According to the news in Sabah, the 23-year-old goalkeeper said in his meeting with the technical team and the health unit that he wanted to protect the goal against Başakşehir saying “I want to play in this match no matter what. stated.

Coach Sergen Yalçın is also expected to give Utku a chance at the goal in the challenging exam and to seat 16-year-old young glove Emre Bilgin, who was included in the A Team from the infrastructure, in the bench.

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