4th place comment from Fenerbahçe Coach Erol Bulut: We would like it to be more than 29 points

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Fenerbahçe Coach Erol Bulut made a statement after the 3-0 match against Kasımpaşa. Bulut stated that they were not satisfied with the 29 points they collected at the end of 15 matches in the league, and praised the performance of their players against Kasımpaşa.

Stating that he was satisfied with the determination and performance of his players, Bulut said, “We were very lacking and there were diseases. It was difficult to establish 11 in terms of position. We worked well today, I congratulate all my players one by one. Sadık left back did not give any chance to the opponent, great work both in setting up and defending. Ozan and Gustavo, who played 1-2 days of training, stayed on the field for 90 minutes and showed great performance. Valencia and Samatta also performed well. We are trying to move forward, it was important to get 3 points and be close to the top. ” said.

Talking about the team he put on the field against Kasımpaşa and the position of his team in the league, Bulut used the following statements:

“I never think about the next game. My preferences were for today’s Kasımpaşa match. The reasons for these preferences were injuries, new injuries and those who have just passed the disease. We would like it to be more than 29 points. Due to undesirable reasons … I do not want to go there too much. We need to take a little look at ourselves. We are the team with the most shots blocked before the match today. What does that mean? So sometimes our choices can be wrong.

We should better use the cross, shot and passing choices to be made. It would be different if we only used 15% correctly now. When we look at it, there is a newly formed team, 18 new transfers. We had players coming in intervals at the beginning of the season. I’m never looking for excuses, it’s a fact, we’ll work on it. We want to go further and we have the capacity to go further. “

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