Words from Erman Toroğlu! Emre Belözoğlu is the only responsible in Fenerbahçe

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Master commentator Erman Toroğlu used flash statements about Fenerbahçe’s agenda in his article in Sabah Spor.

Here is the article by Erman Toroğlu:

When 90 minutes are over, we always write this. Did G.Antep deserve it? Till the end. F. Would the garden get 1 point? It would be by chance. But G.Antep deserved to win. Why is that? They defended after 2-1, they left no space for the opponent. Actually, there was no need for that. They could go up to the middle area and damage F. Garden.

Because F. Garden left three men in defense to G.Antep, who was the second half defender. G. A man with an Antep. Three men with Lantern. This means using superfluous. Because it does not come over Antep. We see this from the camera. If we watch it live, who knows what we will see. How will you win then? You can’t pierce the defense, what are you going to do this time? So you have surrounded the castle, you cannot go inside. You will break the door.

There is no man to break the door in F. Garden. 2nd question; There is no footballer who will set up a game in F. What is it they got 22 players, banane. Take such actors or players so that they can cure you. Erol Bulut tells stories every week. Emre Belözoğlu tells the main story here. I think he’s the only one responsible. Ali Koç entrusted everything to him.

He also comes out and sometimes tells tales from La Fontaine. There are changes in Cüneyt Çakır. You know, ‘hat dropped, looked bald’ or so … I couldn’t figure it out, so he was doing topik. It would be nice if he had a hair transplant on time, but after this time, I saw that the field does not grow weed. But here’s this: The whistles he blew were in place. He managed a good match, it means that the newcomers put him on the right track. This is the way it is. If you use the reserve artillery well, that is, if you use the hut well, you will threaten and drag the player on the field, including the referee, on the right path.

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