The secret of Beşiktaş’s Kadıköy victory is revealed – Last minute Beşiktaş news

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Besiktas, He won a historic victory in Kadıköy by beating Fenerbahçe 4-3. Black and whites won the match with great excitement from start to finish, just like 15 years ago, with 10 people and the same score, winning 4-3, achieving the most flash result of recent years. With this victory, Beşiktaş increased its score to 16 with one game missing and continued its claim to the top in the championship race.

Although the black and whites remained 10 people and their opponent changed 5 players, they did not leave the fight for 102 minutes in total. Continuing his faithful, disciplined and organized game until the end of the match, Yalçın’s students once again made their fans live the last night of April 17, 2005, when they won their last victory in Kadıköy, and made history repeat with the same score.

Sergen Yalçın started the season with Trabzonspor away and started the league with a 3-1 flash win. Coach Sergen Yalçın, in his 6th big game, passed Başakşehir 3-2 last week and got a vote of confidence before the Fenerbahçe derby. Sergen Yalçın was able to beat Fenerbahçe for the second time in a row with a score of 4-3 by signing a match that would go down in history the previous evening.

Yalçın, who received top performance from names such as Josef de Souza-Atiba- Mensah-Dorukhan and Ghezzal, closed the offensive flow with the presses he made to the strengths of the opponent, and won the matches by scoring goals with fast attacks. Sergen Yalçın, who performed at the highest level from player changes, was always one step ahead of rival coaches in big matches.

Cameroonian left his mark on the night with the football he played, apart from the two goals he scored. He made a direct contribution to 5 of the 7 shots that Beşiktaş shot against the F. Garden goal. He scored 4 shots, 2 of which were goals. 1 shot pass. He met with the ball 4 times in the penalty area. 2 dribbles, 4 pairs won.

Beşiktaş, which will play with Kasımpaşa in the home field on Friday, started the preparations for this match without wasting time. While it was noteworthy that the players started working in a moral way during the training held yesterday morning, the names starting in the first 11 in the derby did regeneration training. While the other players were doing fitness-based training, the players continued to train despite the end of the training and continued to work among themselves.

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