Striking comment for Galatasaray player from the master writer! He needs a good education. Last minute GS …

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Fatih Terim made a full-bodied rotation. Luyindama, who had not been in the top 11 for weeks, had the opportunity to drive Belhanda, Arda and Omar onto the field. In the match of Darica G.Unit, Terim stepped in for a wide squad.

Darıca did not allow a 44-minute pass to G.Saray by putting his compact football understanding on the field with his modest staff. In the first half, in which only one castle was played, G. Saraylı players made a mistake of passing too much because they did not have the habit of playing with each other, and they had difficulty in producing positions to unlock Darica.

In addition, the staff structure of Darıca created complacency in G.Saray players because they all had the understanding that “We can beat this team easily”. He will be unhappy with this slow game that Fatih Terim could not stand still in the hut. He almost reacted to football, walking left and right.

To open such locks, it is necessary to play fast, pass quickly to the feet. Arda found this opportunity once in Belhanda’s perfect pass but missed the goal.

Sekidika needs a good education. Because he doesn’t know where to use his quickness and skill. Sekidika played hard in the first 45, once he used his quickness to attack quickly in front of his opponent. He was hit and had a penalty.

Ali Yavuz Kol was the hardest working person in the field. The young star candidate worked hard to score. But sometimes he was hasty in the strokes. This ambition of Ali Yavuz shows that he will remain in G.Saray.

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