Shocking words to the star name! It seems difficult for him to wear Fenerbahçe jersey Last minute FB sports news

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I’ve been watching attentively since this Pelkas brother came. We praised the games he performed well, we ate when he played badly. We even congratulated the management for transferring a quality player like him as if with butter.

I have always said that he should play behind the striker because his performance on the wing has decreased. But I’ve been looking at it in recent weeks; it took on strange situations. I don’t like what they do when they are taken from the game, their behavior towards teammates, opponents, and their dialogues with the referees.

Also, his game now … If this “weather” continues, it seems difficult for him to wear the Fenerbahçe shirt in the future.

I would have waited for Erol Hodja to take Pelkas aside, not Ömer Faruk, after Altay saw red. Ömer Faruk will go out of hand before he can watch it properly, I am burning to him.

The lack of Altay was not felt much in this game, but I wonder what will happen against Gaziantep.

Fenerbahce is still playing disjointed. I do not want to criticize too much for 10 people left, but it is obvious that this game will not be enough for the championship. Some things may not be in your eyes, since playing with the lower division team.

I see Erol Bulut, who started with the 3-line defense line at the beginning of the match, is in search. Do not do this in league matches, teacher! You will have great trouble.

Fenerbahce players need to shake off and recover as soon as possible. Their reluctance is not a good omen. No one takes his job seriously, except for Gustavo.

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