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In the yellow-reds, where discussions about Coach Orhan Terzi, who was dismissed after the match, while the football players boycotted their training on the grounds that they could not get their wages yesterday, the management argued that the perception that the players could not get any money was wrong. Menemenspor’s statement about Orhan Terzi, boycott and Sikiru Olatunbosun, who unilaterally terminated his contract last week, made the following statements:

“In the public opinion, there is a perception that Assistant Coach Orhan Terzi has been held responsible for the play of 6 foreign players. But the truth of the matter is that Orhan Terzi has spoken beyond his limits and as a result, our paths with him are separated. Our assistant coach Mehmet Ali Beşel, 6 Stating that the mistake was made by him in the matter of driving the foreign player to the field, he submitted his resignation to our management, but our management did not accept the resignation of our assistant coach Mehmet Ali Beşel, considering the fact that this mistake was made inadvertently.

After such an incident, it was tried to create the perception that our footballers could not receive any money, and then our football player Sikiru left our team due to a problem arising from unilateral payments. During the 2020-2021 season, our club paid 60 percent to 80 percent of the guarantee fees to our players. Again today, a total of 400 thousand TL was paid to our football players as guaranteed wages and salaries. Moreover, the fact that these payments were made when the publisher was not paying is a very positive development for our management. Our player, Sikiru, understood this mistake he made after his unilateral termination of his contract, and searched for an agreement with our club through his lawyer.

As a result of mutual negotiations between our player’s lawyer and our board of directors, our player Sikiru paid 40 thousand TL to our club, at the same time, he left his receivables of 150 thousand TL and signed a mutual settlement protocol. Both our club and our player won this compromise. The issue we foresee in this chain of events is not the termination of a coach or the non-payment of a player. The Irish in our club, which was established in 1942, have tried to wear our club by treacherously with the Byzantine games today and tomorrow, and continue to work. As Menemen Sports Club, we did not and will not allow the Irish in us yesterday, today or tomorrow. All sports are announced to the public with love and respect. “

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