Meaningful move from Başakşehir! Jersey revenues to UNICEF

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Istanbul Başakşehir Football Club announced that the uniforms of the football players in the Paris Saint-Germain match were offered for auction and the revenues would be donated to UNICEF. The number 9 shirt with the name of assistant coach Pierre Webo also took its place in the auction.

In the statement made by the orange navy club, the following statements were made:

“Istanbul Başakşehir Football Club won the appreciation of the whole world for its remarkable performance in the Champions League, where it took part for the first time in its history, as well as its stance against racism in the Paris Saint Germain match. The signed jerseys worn by our footballers who played in the Paris Saint Germain match were put up for auction in Match Worn Shirt. This time, there is also a very special piece. Istanbul Başakşehir Football Club will donate all of the proceeds from the auction to UNICEF. UNICEF has been defending the rights of every child around the world for more than 70 years. parents to learn that they have rights It conducts programs to support communications with, increase awareness of communities about social inclusion and diversity, and empower adolescents and young people as agents of social cohesion and anti-discrimination change. İstanbul Başakşehir Futbol His club is happy to collaborate with UNICEF. Our club will continue to take part in jobs that will raise awareness for a better world and to support social responsibility projects. “

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