Last minute: Legendary name of football manager games Maxim Tsigalko has passed away!

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Maxim Tsigalko, the unforgettable name of football manager games, passed away when he was 37 years old.

The former Belarusian striker, who started football in Dinamo Minsk, was one of the legends of Championship Manager 01/02. Tsigalko, who broke the goal records, was not as successful in real life as in the game.

It was learned that 37-year-old Tsigalko, who died in football in 2009 when he was just 26 years old, died in his country of Belarus. No statement has yet been made about the cause of Tsigalko’s death.

Belarusian footballer Dinamo wore the jersey of Naftan, Kaysar (Kazakhstan), Banants (Armenia) and Savit after Minsk.

Tsigalko, with the national team uniform he wore twice, remained on the field for a total of 68 minutes and scored 1 goal.

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