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December 11, 2020 | Friday

These things don’t happen by lot

In the early nineties, I am a referee. Cavit Abi (Cavit Çağlar) welcomes you in Ankara and says “We want you to be a deputy.”
Federation President Şenes Erzik is in an effective place in UEFA. They get permission from him, I am a candidate. I’m quota from Mersin. My opponent is Aydın Güven Gürkan from the opposite party (my teacher and friend from the university). Aydın Abi wins with a very small margin. If I had won I would be the sports minister.
Without me, it becomes Mehmet Ali Yılmaz, a DYP candidate from Trabzon. Mehmet Ali Yılmaz is the president of Trabzonspor. He knows this world well. If Trabzonspor is the 4th biggest team today and football is autonomous today, Mehmet Ali Yılmaz has a great effort, I know that. Because I lived.
But one day, suddenly, Minister Mehmet Ali Yılmaz says “From now on, the referees of the 1st League should be determined by lot …” See; Mehmet Ali Yılmaz is someone who knows the referee world very well. He also knows why he was drawn by lots. We went to visit with Yusuf Namoğlu and Özcan Oal when he was a minister. After a nice chat, we talked about these referees’ bag business. We said it was extremely wrong. He said “No”, “I will implement this”.

Şenes Erzik is in an effective place in UEFA and the referees are under him. He is also extremely uncomfortable with this decision. When Şenesen Erzik’l to dertleşmek, “What Erman, ‘Turkey in the referees are entering the bag’, so that ‘the job how is it’, so that for me was incredible pressure from UEFA. I explain how to turn the job but the guys were eating. I fell Officially loser situation. Does your career, knowledge, experience have a bag from the national lottery, “he said. The bazaar is confused. Let’s stop here for 10 minutes. Let’s have a tea break, you know, they give intercity buses.
Hayri Yazıcıoğlu is my good friend. You know, the owner of Yazıcı Hotels. We chatted in Istanbul one day and had fun at night. At that time, Hayri was on the board of Fenerbahçe. I said to him “Let’s have fun in Ankara a few weeks later”, “Okay.”
We will have fun in Ankara, but on Tuesday Hayri called me, “Ya Erman Hodja” said, “We are going to have fun with you this week, but we decided as Fenerbahçe management. We want you, the referee of this week’s Trabzonspor match. Because we will play fifty percent with you there. but another referee can crush us there, “he said. I said to him, “I don’t have a match this week. Also, the matches are drawn by lot. No,” I said. His reply to me on the phone was, “You drop the lottery, Murat, Erman, you will come out of the bag”. Then I said, “No, let’s wait, on Thursday, the referees are announced and then I’ll decide.”
Dear readers; I came out of the bag like a rabbit that day. Let me tell you like this; Trabzonspor won the match either 3-0 or 3-1. At the end of the match, the spectators even thought the match was over with a foul whistle and landed on the field.
They marched on Semih Yuvakuran, who played left-back in Fenerbahçe. I went and took Semih by his arm.

Friends know this well; The referee of each match is different. Well! The referee of each match is different. Career is a different affair. I ask Ali Koç; Mustafa Koç was at the head of the work. The deceased died. They brought his brother to the head of the business, they did not bring him. I wonder what was the reason? I wonder. So they saw him there enough. If they had drawn lots, maybe Ali Koç would come. So some things don’t happen by lot.
They call it ‘foreign referee’. Turkey, we need foreign managers before foreign judges, especially in administrative affairs.
Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş match was played.
Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi said with an unfortunate expression that the young referee worked in the KOÇ Group. He threw the boy into the fire. What happened in the end; Beşiktaş president achieved his goal. Beşiktaş won the match, it happened to the child. Ali Koç does not blame the Beşiktaş president at all, it is vague. Why?
Because both of them rich kid, they don’t bite each other. Of course, Ali Koç says, “Let the young referees come,” while making a statement, he still cannot say, “Beşiktaş president threw a stone into a well, 40 people cannot get it.” Why is that?

Let me tell you very clearly; refereeing is no longer the old referee. Refereeing as much as possible is on the way to improvement.
There were a lot of referees for sale, including my footballing and refereeing period.
At the moment, we are not talking about arbitrators for sale, but inadequate and torpedoed arbitrators.
We’re not talking about referee purchases.
We will pass these days.
Until very recently, “I am taking this, you are taking this” was discussed. Until very recently, some influential clubs were organizing referee appointments. I think this is the reason for the current fight. “I can not appoint, I wonder if the other party can?”.
Let the whistle be with the honest man. Make mistakes, no condition. Because the rule of the flag is over.
What flags I’ve seen for years.
I was yelling loudly on TV, “My sides hurt, my sides hurt”. I did not say those sentences for nothing. Anyway VAR has arrived, my flank pain is gone, now I’m looking at the spine. Soon it gets better too.
In the selection of the referee, if the crony-sergeant relationship ends, family relations from father to son end, it will also improve; so with a torpedo.

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