Call to TFF from Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz! Referee community …

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Speaking to the club television, Cengiz said, “As the president of Galatasaray, I can say that the referees are more out of shape this year. That is not only about our match or just us, but the opponent is not happy. Consequently, their formlessness hurts us. ” found the assessment.

Emphasizing that they were the club that hurt the most from referee mistakes last season, Cengiz continued as follows:

“We do not want such progress it. Here I warn the Turkey Football Federation, please alert the relevant boards, referees get more careful. Especially us, our players, technical delegation they’ll show a very comfortable board. Very brave against us. We expect the same courage as the opponent. If you’re a Galatasaray If he easily gives the player red and yellow, he must give it to other competitors in the same positions, or he should not give it to us. This applies to our technical team as well as our footballers. The referee community should not be a handbrake for Turkish football. . “

Emphasizing that the matches are played without spectators due to the pandemic and that this also has an effect on the bad results, Cengiz used the following statements:

Galatasaray and its community and its supporters are in dignity and dignity. Although we have the highest number of spectators, we did not come to the field one day, one day the referee. We are proud of this because in Galatasaray culture there is dignity and dignity to accept and assimilate defeat, this is very important. I ask TFF and relevant boards here, please don’t let the unformed referees to our matches. We also accept defeat, I congratulate our opponents who beat us. Defeating Galatasaray is not an easy task, I congratulate. Please be careful with the referee community and the actors of the game. It is the biggest island, I hope we will be the champion again when the season ends. “

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