Beşiktaş-Tarsus İdman Yurdu match interpretation from the master writer! Sergen Yalçın should definitely address this issue …

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Arch-tours from sweating Agriculture, Turkey Cup Besiktas forced their competitors. Playing with respect to his opponent, Kartal kept the business tight and did not take any risks… Kartal, who won successive victories in the league with his patient game, played with the same calmness by saying that the opponent would not be strong or weak and got one step closer to the cup goal.

Among the beauties of the night were Roiser’s unruly handfulness, diligence, and the first goal of my career as a right-back with a good left kick.

Larin and Güven … I don’t know how to define it! Güven Oğuzhan, who missed the penalty, got the ball through the pinhole in the great assist! Which one is you, friend, who missed the penalty, the one who made the fine shot in the gold !?

Hit Al Larin to Güven … He missed two goals so that not even the scorer but the defender would not miss! Fortunately, he built a rear post and did not spare Atakan’s efforts.

Oğuzhan must get stronger … He has everything else, he lacks only one energy. He did his job without too much double fighting against comfortable opponents. His assistance to Güven was mind-blowing.

Atakan is a good talent … Not too fast, not fast, but smart … It will develop further. I have full confidence in Ersin, Utku, Kartal, 17-year-old Serdar and Hasic, who is not yet at the desired level, and all other young people. My confidence in the Screw of the Years is decreasing day by day.

Even in this game, he was tired of his life … It is impossible to understand what happened to this Vida! Sergen teacher should definitely take a hand at this issue … The image is not normal, it never gives itself to the game … It is necessary to find a solution …

Yes, Beşiktaş started the Cup well… It is possible to think of better things for the future of the league and the cup when the rotary team gets a comfortable victory.

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