Beşiktaş confession from the star of the Super League! – Last minute Beşiktaş news

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Having an important share in the rise of Gaziantep FK in the league, Maxim made statements in his country. Romanian player; Sumudica teacher, football and made Digi Sport evaluation on their performance in Turkey.

“We used to acoustics in the stadium in Turkey. We played Galatasaray displacement against 40 thousand people. Pains in my ear for two days after the match we played Beşiktaş’la entry. President told us that fans would play when he returned to grandstand against 35 thousand people because of the fans in the stadium to the desire to be back very high. “

“When you think are successful works spontaneously solved of. To go to a big team in Turkey I do not want to think about right now. I focused on myself to improve. I want to finish healthy manner season. We’ll see what happens after that.”

“I was easily transferred to Turkey. I accepted the offer within 1-2 minutes. We spoke on the phone and I thought it would be appropriate to try something new. I was in Germany but a suitable environment where good salary and got me.”

“I told the president, with a little joke, that we are playing for the championship, a little seriously. We won our last 4 games. Now the opponents will treat us differently. We are respected and seen as a strong team. At least we hope to get a European cup visa. We are a family, everyone is helping each other. “

“Sumudica is a very good pedagogue. He knows how to talk to players well. He does it to everyone on the team. It makes me feel like an important player. No matter how good a player is, if he doesn’t play competitive matches, it’s hard to grow.”

“At the same time, we hear him from the edge while he is on the field. He inspires the team to be aggressive. That’s why we are always standing. People are skeptical about Gaziantep and don’t give us much chance. Now we can aspire to good things.”

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